Purally, act in harmony with nature and humans

We dream of a positive urban lifestyle, in harmony with nature and protected from pollution.

Our story

It started as a story of a friendship between two men who worked together in Asia in the early noughties and who wanted to build a business based on the values that brought them together: honesty (no BS products), innovation (breaking new ground), quality (making excellent products), effectiveness (a promise with meaning), coherence (with staff members and products that reflect our values) and respect for nature (our only shared asset). Backed by a skilled, committed, friendly team, we created Purally in 2019 after drawing attention to the protective properties of the Rhamnophénol® molecule on polluted skin.
Since then, Purally has been bringing beauty to our faces with healthy, protected, depolluted skin. We have also brought beauty to our cities through active replanting in polluted urban areas.

Our mission

Our mission is very easy to express, yet very difficult to accomplish. We make every effort to design and produce the best cosmetic products while keeping our impact on the environment to a minimum..This ambition comes through in our formulation, packaging and methods, in which we are constantly challenged to find a balance between natural ingredients and effective products. How can we achieve textures that feel luxurious without using silicone? How can we preserve our products in airless packaging that isn’t made of plastic? These are the challenges we tackle every day, to be able to give you products that are more than 95% natural and extremely effective against harsh environmental factors.
Photo1 une jeune femme applique de la crème anti pollution sur son visage. Philosophie de Purally, concevoir des produits à faible impact environnemental.png
Photo de Franck Waechter, co-fondateur de la marque éco-responsable Purally
"A promise means something, and our first commitment is to make good on our promises through our products."
Franck Waechter
Co-Founder of Purally

Our commitments

A promise means something, and our first commitment is to make good on our promises through our products. But we want to go further, to also include respecting nature and mankind. The components of our packaging are recyclable and we limit the use of plastic by reducing its weight and using plant-based plastic. Our pump bottles are made of glass and we print our packaging on recycled paper or FSC-certified paper derived from sustainably managed forests. Our packaging is airless, which reduces the need for preservatives, protects the products inside from damage and allows every last drop of product to be used so there is no waste. At least 95% of our active ingredients are naturally derived and we buy local, with more than 75% of our purchases made within a 200 km radius.
Photo femme arrosant une plante
We also care about showcasing the expertise of the French industrial manufacturers we work with. We develop and make all our products in France. In the spirit of helping others, we have partnered with a medical and social employment establishment called ESAT Jean Pinaud, to create employment opportunities for disabled people. Jean Pinaud is in charge of storing, packaging and distributing our products.


Benefit Corporations are at the epicentre of the new economy, respecting people and the environment as well as making a positive impact on society while still remaining profitable.
photo d'un ciel avec un logo de la certification B-Corp obtenue par Purally
This certification imposes requirements throughout every aspect of the business, with objectives for governance, staff, the environment, stakeholders and clients. Results are reviewed every three years.
To qualify for certification, it isn’t enough to simply fill out a questionnaire or publish a mission statement. Proof must be provided for all of the socially and environmentally responsible practices. Well-being in the workplace, respect for diversity, energy supply, transparency in profits, purchasing processes and supplier evaluation (including for energy, water, and waste) are measured, and these commitments are written into the company’s objects clause.
Purally and its staff members are proud to have earned this certification.